Cases presentattion


Case no. 1
. Diagnosis
Convex profil, Cl II skeletal and dental, severe
Anterior upper and lower crowding, buccal ectopic Cuspides
Treatment plan
Extraction of 4\4, fixed appliance (braces), roth
Treatment Time- 1.5 years
Retention- fiber glass strips bonded lingually upper and lower, removable both archs retainer for 1 year
Prognosis- fairely good

Case no. 2
A 35 years asiatic female patient. who seek for orthodonti trt. Her chief complaint was bad aesthetics and malocclusion.
Anterior open bite & malalignment

Treatment plan

Fixed appliance - aesthetic bracket



Case no. 3
Severe Cl II/1, anterior multiple diastema
Advanced progressive periodontitis
Treatment plan
Root planing, oral hygiene improvement
Fixed appliance - (bracket)

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